Thought Leadership at Terra Analytics

The COVID-19 crisis has put a spotlight on the power and potential of analytics and artificial intelligence. Lockdowns, travel bans and physical distancing etc. has altered how we shop, where we perform our jobs, how—and if—we travel and more. While our analytics professionals will play an important role, successfully stabilizing critical models will depend equally on our efforts to recalibrate our business strategies for the changing landscape, entrench existing and forge new data and cost-effective delivery partnerships, convene interdisciplinary teams with sufficient diversity and more.

As data has emerged as the most valuable commodity of the 21st century, collaboration – both internal and external – will be critical to our shared future. Technology breakthroughs such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Wireless & Broadband and Big Data are fundamentally altering the governance and business paradigms. It is critical that different subsystems are integrated seamlessly to deliver the maximum value of location insights efficiently and on time. Accordingly, we must continue to develop new and deepen current symbiotic data relationships and technology partnerships.

With geospatial being the only technology capable of establishing interactions and inter-linkages between Bio-Physical, (i.e., geography and natural resources), and social elements (human civilization), over time and space, Terra Analytics holds the key to complete solutions, comprising data and software under one roof.

Globally, the technology landscape is ever evolving with new and innovative products, services and business models. Geospatial technologies are getting increasingly integrated with ICT, transforming organizational workflows and creating a multitude of opportunities for enhanced productivity and efficiency in all segments of the geospatial industry.

Against this backdrop of evolving technologies, Terra Analytics is continually investing in R&D to leverage our domain-specific expertise, class-leading partnerships and advances in the technology landscape to offer our customers world-class products and services.

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