Data Collection and maintenance has become a necessity in recent years. Terra Analytics prides itself on representing statistical information that is delivered in both an accurate and timely manner. We provide services to create GIS based enumeration areas, data collection planning, recruitment and training manuals, data cleansing and collation through accurate statistical representation.


We are adept at generating complex sampling frameworks, which provide the randomness required for accurate statistical representation. Quality Assurance is based on verification of a percentage of random samples, analysis of which helps profile various data collectors. We have innovated the process of survey management through the integration of tablets and the digital pen in order to create systems that are functional and manageable. Integration with GIS is achieved through geo-tagging of all information, using internet based geo-coding engines. Context specific map viewers allow users to view maps embedded in forms. Our solutions have been used extensively for quality of life, transport, property as well as FICA verification surveys.


  • Work Management – Map driven creation of batches based on geography. Batches are allocated to users
  • Tablet Integration – Android tablet app to capture tasks in the field, with offline capability to capture GPS, pictures. Tasks can be selected based on geographical proximity
  • Digital Pen Integration – Integration with Anoto Digital Pen, and Vision Objects handwriting recognition software
  • Real-time Reporting – The solution allows for real-time monitoring and reporting. Data sent from the field is updated within 5 seconds
  • Quality Assurance Tools – Random sampling algorithm to generate tasks. Rules driven decision engine to take alternate course
  • Map Viewer – Thematic maps to view progress, indicators by jurisdictions. Geocoding and reverse geo-coding of Addresses