In this increasingly dynamic environment of automated processes, digital content, soaring deficits and tightening budgets, Terra Analytics can assist governments around the world in responding to complex 21st century challenges who are continuously seeking ways to leverage innovative partnerships. At Terra Analytics, our world leading capabilities combine professional, technology and science in the domain of land, dealing with land administration, urban planning, property valuations and taxation, data collection and mobile forms technologies. Our over two decades of experience in delivering GIS-based turnkey solutions to assist our clients to make data-driven decisions that supports the unique management requirements of governments. Our solutions are underpinned by advanced and integrated technologies which integrate location and performance information, positioning Terra Analytics as the location intelligence partner of choice.


With Terra Analytics, governments can improve land information management and property valuation, analysis and maintain detailed auditable records and efficient operational control. Terra Analytics’ bespoke software and significant professional expertise assists our clients in managing all aspects of land information and land records including land tenure, value assessment, management, and use. With our comprehensive GIS-based land administration Matrix software suite, consumes data from multiple sources and advanced features include, centralised geo-data repository, e-services for public, integrated map viewer and workflow driven business process management, amongst other.


Income generation has become the source of a renewed focus within local authorities and property revenue rates revenue enhancement is a way of improving financial resilience and sustainability. Terra Analytics partners with local authorities through our extensive land and property management capabilities and bespoke technologies to improve the economic prosperity of local authorities. Key capabilities include identifying properties that are incorrectly valued, notably under valuations, identifying incorrectly categorised properties on valuation roll and identification of properties that are omitted from the valuation roll.


Terra Analytics understands governments need to ensure reliable monitoring of in-field performance. Our tried, tested and easily configurable M&E software enables customers to connect field operations with the office to improve coordination and monitor performance indicators from any location and on any device. The capability eliminates manual workflows, enables access to auditable performance information to be stored digitally, improves response rate and allows for real-time course correction visible on customised performance reporting dashboards.


Terra Analytics has extensive experience in assisting government to ensure that high-quality data through our deep understanding of the statistical geospatial framework and integration of geospatial and statistical data. Our services include pre-enumeration planning to increase efficiencies with GIS, to use field data collection tools for optimal enumeration and to provide easy and secure access to cloud-based data and on demand reporting.


We enhance your operational efficiency with location intelligence. With the power of location intelligence and spatial data, we assist government to coordinate field work, better plan, manage, and maintain critical infrastructure and operations efficiently. Intelligent mapping and analytics tools assist our clients in budget planning, reporting and revenue optimisation. 


The Terra Analytics tools enable governments to execute a comprehensive asset management strategy. We use location to organize data on the current condition of assets, performance, and deficiencies. Our forms processing technologies allow for the accurate collection of asset data, including condition, location and ownership attributes which enable clients to move from reactive to predictive maintenance and related asset management initiatives. Our ability to integrate with major asset management and finance systems further enhances seamless reporting and operational efficacy.


The world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history. There are remains of growing concerns in disparate levels of service provision, urban sprawl, and the concentration of the poor in high-density areas on the urban peripheries. Terra Analytics understands that geo-enabling enterprise systems improve business intelligence and establish more efficient workflows across the complex value chains of governmental agencies. Our location-based technologies provide integrated planning support to land tenure, precise property valuation data and beneficiary communication.