With our domain expertise, focused primarily on the land administration sector and aligned with agile software development practices and modern technologies, we provide a specific range fully digital and scalable product suite to meet land administration jurisdictions' business needs.


Land Matrix is a lean integrated Land Administration System is designed on a centralized geospatial data repository and provides end-to-end support for the business processes, from application to approval, subsequent data updates, management of grievance and public communication.



Value Matrix is a workflow-based property valuation management system for local governments. It provides extensive computer automated (CAMA) functionality based on international norms and supports property-related transactions against all property types, Including residential, commercial, industrial and agriculture properties.



Mining Matrix incorporates a sector-specific technology suite that enables online mineral rights administration. The easily configurable workflow software, built on the Land Matrix platform, enables enforcement of legislative compliance to mining and tax laws and adherence to the health & safety regulations and biodiversity conservation



The Terra X-CITI App allows a Property Owner or a Meter Reader to automatically capture the meter reading using AI or OCR. Enables authenticated logins, encrypted data transfers and accurate processing of consumption and billing data. X-CITI supports real-time online and offline capture with photo attachments and GPS Coordinates on Android, iOS and Windows Devices.



The digital pen solution, using Anoto Functionality™, transfers data wirelessly from a patterned paper surface. The pen uses Bluetooth to instantly send data via a mobile phone or via a USB port to transmit data electronically. The pen data includes all information including, location, exact time, identity amongst other.


With millions of people working in the field organisations need to capture real-time data quickly and accurately and get it back to base fast. The latest X-Forms innovation the easy creation of enterprise-class mobile forms that can be used on any device, anywhere.


X-Station is a smart, simple, and secure platform that manages offline and online data capture capabilities and integrates your field based data. The customizable platform allows users to use input devices such as mobile phones, Digital Pens and tablets to process these forms as images and converted data.


Roads Assets Data Service (RoADS) is a data-driven solution that identifies road feature data in real-time and simultaneously maps them with high positional accuracy.  The map and road asset data features are interoperable and compatible with any GIS enabled information management system.