Land Matrix is a lean integrated Land Administration System designed to support all processes around the management of land within a jurisdiction. The functions of Land Matrix include land registration and titling, land use management, cadastre management, lease management, addressing, building permit approval and demolition management.

The application provides end-to-end support for the business processes right from application to its approval and subsequent data updates, as well as management of grievance and public communication. It is designed on a centralized geospatial data repository, providing business rules driven access to multiple user roles, with an e-services platform for the public.



Land Matrix is a consolidated product developed from components developed and used by Data World since 2006 and is now a lean integrated Land Information System. It supports all processes around the management of Land within a jurisdiction. It is designed on a centralised Geo-data repository, providing rules driven access to multiple user roles, with eServices portal for Rate Payers. eServices user account is approved upon self-registration to activate it.

Land Matrix consumes data from multiple sources. It consumes aerial imagery with optimisations like tiling and caching. The viewer is integrated with Google maps and street view. It supports Full title Farm and Town, Leases, Sectional Titles, PSI, Mines etc.

Using adapters Land Matrix supports applications for managing indigents, zoning, building permits, special consents etc. within the jurisdiction. It provides end-to-end support for the business processes right from application to its approval and subsequent data updates.


Map Viewer

Provides an access controlled, and contextual view of various layers in the GeoDB. Provides standard functionality like Pan, Zoom, Identify and Search

Deeds Feeder

Service runs in the background to process Deeds Transaction Files. It performs property matching and updates of the Sales History as well as the Registered and Archive Layers

SG Feeder

Service processes SG Diagram Dump received from SG Office. It reconciles the existing diagrams, creating PDF and tasks for maintenance the Approved Layer


Allows registered public users to make online requests like Submitting a new building plan for approval or seek a zoning change. They can also track the status of their respective applications using unique Reference number

Parcel Capture

Provides a web enabled environment to capture tasks created by the SG Feed, when new diagrams are processed

Address Engine

Provides functionality to manage geo-spatial data for streets and address points. Addresses are structured as per the standards, and support the street name change process


Value Matrix is a workflow-based property valuation management system for local governments and jurisdiction. It provides extensive computer automated (CAMA) functionality based on international norms and best practices.

Value Matrix has evolved into a state-of-the-art integrated solution for property valuation and management that is fully compliant with the legislation, including South Africa’s Municipal Property Rates Act of 2004. The system has been developed by industry experts with years of domain experience and founded on industry best practices.It supports property-related transactions against all property types including residential, commercial, industrial and agriculture properties.



Value Matrix is a MPRA compliant, workflow-based property management solution. It provides extensive CAMA functionality based on IAAO norms and best practices. Value Assist has since evolved into a state-of-the-art integrated solution for property valuation and management that is fully compliant with the Municipal Property Rates Act of 2004. It has been developed by industry experts with years of domain experience and founded on industry best practices. It supports property-related transactions against all property types, including Single Residential properties, Non-Residential properties, Agricultural properties, Sectional Title properties and Public Service Infrastructure

The Value Matrix is a 4th Generation evolution of the ValueAssist system. It has been developed from scratch considering the availability of new technology like Android and HTML5.0. It is built on top of a GIS base and does not require a superfluous integration with a GIS system for spatial capability. Besides technical enhancements a lot of functionality has been added in order to empower the users to undertake most of the system administration and CAMA Analysis functions using High level tools which hide the complexity from user and de-skills the job


Property Engine

Consisting of a Search function and an Attribute edit function, which allows for the capture and edit of property attributes such as Address and Property Description

Valuation Engine

Which allows for the capture of property characteristics as well as the generation of the market value of a property based on the characteristics that are captured

GIS Viewer

Which displays the aerial imagery for each property within a municipality and which includes standard functionality such as Pan and Zoom

Sales Ratio Analysis

This module creates the sales history, with the sales ratio and a snapshot of the property at the time for the sale. The system prompts users to do Benchmark sales in sale deficit areas

Valuation Review

This module allows users to create filters to identify outliers and then review them. The system provides functionality to create and manage work packages

Rates Modelling

This module allows a user to create models and scenarios. The comparison tools create maps, charts and tables to compare and analyse the impact

Roll Generator

Provides tools to generates a Draft General Valuation roll / Supplementary Valuation Roll. Publish tool updates the eServices, Public Site and the Billing System, while compiling the PDF Print File and the Section 49 Notices


The adjudication of mining rights and environmental management in line with sustainable development objectives, remain an ongoing global challenge. Consequently, Government Agencies are challenged to manage vast stakeholder networks, ensure compliance to the evolving regulatory frameworks and to optimise mining spatial data visibility to maintain compliance and investor confidence. Accordingly, authorities are looking to technology-driven innovation to automate manual and time-consuming paper-based processes, with the ability to understand the impact of illicit mining activities and rights holders upholding their conditional obligations.



Terra Analytics’ innovative, mining sector-specific technology suite enables online mineral rights administration. The solution eases stakeholder registration, new application submissions with supporting documents, online payments, and statutory reporting throughout the mining regulatory lifecycle. Visualization capabilities such as a spatial view of cadastre maps showing permitted land parcels aid decision-making, provides visibility of the country’s mining operations, reclamation projects and land usage. The easily configurable workflow software, built on the Land Matrix platform, enables enforcement of legislative compliance to mining and tax laws and adherence to the health & safety regulations and biodiversity conservation


E-Services portal to allow for online submission of permit applications

Real-time and remote license application progress tracking

Escalation and notifications functionality via SMS and email

Cloud-based, business process & workflow management platform

GIS Spatial visualization and validation of mining information for registered stakeholders 

Secure and streamlined, easy to use payment gateway for mandatory fees 

Dashboard reporting functionality to monitor compliance, operational and financial indicators

Portal for management of health and safety and reporting of accidents for mine managers