World-Class SaaS – Terra moves to Huawei Cloud

Terra Analytics has invested in a strategic partnership with Huawei Cloud to ensure we can provide continued world-class data backup and disaster recovery services. Huawei strives to build an open and collaborative ecosystem founded on shared success to provide the best products, services, and solutions to customers. For Huawei, solution partners are key members of the ecosystem and are also critical to the strategy of business-driven ICT infrastructure.

Terra Analytics made the decision to move all its applications to Huawei Cloud to enjoy the benefits of Cloud computing technologies. Huawei Cloud allocated a dedicated team to work with Terra Analytics’ technical team to understand our legacy IT architecture and design the best practice cloud solution together.  After several workshops with the Huawei Cloud team, a reliable, scalable and cost-efficient cloud solution was quickly validated through a proof of concept.

The partnership investment made with Huawei Cloud was established from a deep understanding of our customer challenges which include limited capacity to meet expansion needs, inability to achieve full disaster recovery and failover services without an over reliance on limited and skilled in-house specialists and physical infrastructure.

“As we provide our clients with a Software as a Service (SaaS) product to enable them to undertake their digital transformation strategies for the various applications at Terra, we believe that Huawei Cloud is a reliable world-class cloud platform to help us to succeed in this goal,” said Willy Govender, CEO of Terra Analytics. The opportunity now provides our customers to release their IT engineers for the all-important tasks of application configuration and optimisation and IT hardware environment trouble-shooting and repair tasks.

Terra has achieved the ability to easily migrate legacy applications onto Huawei Cloud without the traditional concerns around computer setup, storage, and network infrastructures, and is able to scale down or up as required. With the help of Huawei Cloud Eye Service, the free and comprehensive monitoring platform on Huawei Cloud, Terra can now track CPU, memory and storage utilisation – both historically and in real time, allowing it to optimise utilisation and reduce TCO by at least 30%.

With a focus on ICT infrastructure products and solutions, Huawei opens its technical interfaces to solution partners. Huawei’s global technical experts and lab resources effectively support solution partners such as Terra Analytics in building innovative and valuable business solutions for customers.

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